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Ratio Beam Spectrophotometer


Double beam Pharmacopoeia-compliant UV Vis spectrophotometer featuring a Xe flash lamp with a 7 year lamp warranty. The U5300 double beam Pharmacopoeia-compliant UV Vis spectrophotometer can be run via an I-Pad app or via a Windows based PC.

Performance: This level of performance allows for highly accurate data to be obtained.
  • Use of long-life xenon flash lamp
  • Light source is guaranteed for seven years resulting in lower operation cost
  • Double-beam optical system
  • Ensures extended periods of data stability compared with the single-beam optical system. Best-of-class levels of resolution of 1 nm have been achieved.

Comparison of baseline stability Single-beam device (above) Double-beam device (below : UH5300)

Operation: Hitachi offers a new type of operation in laboratories.
  • Operation by use of tablet terminals or PC
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Remote control through wireless communication
  • Flexible operating environment

  • Simple and easy-to-understand performance check function
  • Assures the accuracy of data
  • Automatic 6-cell turret as standard equipment
  • Improved efficiency and increased sample throughput
Software: Expand measurement possibilities just by touching the screen

The control software is designed with emphasis on simple and intuitive operability, providing an easy-to-follow measurement flow, even for someone who is unfamiliar with a spectrophotometer.