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Berghof EasyH2O®


Precise and environmentally friendly


Chemical-free, selective water detection

The Berghof EasyH2O® delivers reproducible and exact results which correspond to those of a Karl Fischer titration. No special or toxic chemicals are required to operate it.



Selective detection of water
The Berghof EasyH2O® combines thermal evaporation of water with a selective, electrochemical water sensor to create an innovative method of water analysis. The water is evaporated out of the sample in a programmable oven and is fed to the sensor by means of a carrier gas flow stream. The water is slowly evaporated using the temperature profile of the heating program and the bonding forms of the water are differentiated. The ambient air is sucked-in and dried to be used as the carrier gas. Therefore, no special chemicals or carrier gases are required to operate it. Nitrogen can be used as an alternative carrier gas, for example in order to prevent decomposition reactions with oxygen. The entire process is software-controlled and runs automatically.

Coulometric P2O5 sensor
The core of the device is the coulometric P2O5 sensor. No special or toxic chemicals are required to operate the phosphorus pent oxide measuring cell. This makes the system environmentally friendly and reduces the operating and disposal costs. Operating personnel require no special training on how to handle toxic chemicals.


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