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Berghof EasyH2O®


Precise and environmentally friendly


Chemical-free, selective water detection

The Berghof EasyH2O® delivers reproducible and exact results which correspond to those of a Karl Fischer titration. No special or toxic chemicals are required to operate it.



Ready to operate at all times

The Berghof EasyH2O® is controlled by a PC.

If the analysis is started in the program, a dialog begins which requests the operator to input relevant data and perform the next steps of the process. The sample weight is automatically faultlessly transmitted from the connected balances.

During the measuring process the sensor current and the actual and target temperature profiles are represented graphically. The accumulated water content, the sensor current and other characteristics are displayed numerically in real time.

The measuring procedure is under control at all times and the operator can intervene as need be. All of the data, temperature programs etc. are logged in compliance with ISO and GLP and can then be printed or read-in again.




Easy to handle, low operating costs

The Berghof EasyH2O® is extremely simple to handle and there are just 3 steps to be carried out:

  1. Start the automatic measuring program
  2. Weighing - weight is automatically transferred
  3. Insert sample, start analysis

The measuring cell of the Berghof EasyH2O® regenerates itself and is not spent. No chemicals are required and the system is permanently rinsed with dried air. This precludes blank value inputs from the environment. The analyzer is ready for operation at all times.


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