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Berghof EasyH2O®


Precise and environmentally friendly


Chemical-free, selective water detection

The Berghof EasyH2O® delivers reproducible and exact results which correspond to those of a Karl Fischer titration. No special or toxic chemicals are required to operate it.



Measuring cell with coulometric phosphorus pentoxide sensor

The core of the device is the coulometric sensor with a hygroscopic phosphorus pentoxide coating (P2O5) which absorbs the water transported in the carrier gas.

A voltage is applied to 2 platinum electrodes and the water is broken down by means of electrolysis into hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2). The amount of electrical charge required for this is proportional to the quantity of water and is determined. The amount of charge can be directly converted into the amount of water by means of Faraday's Law. Therefore, measurement is an absolute measurement which can be carried out without calibration. In practice it is nevertheless advisable to perform a calibration measurement for the purpose of quality control. This ensures that water is detected selectively.

The P2O5 coating reforms and thus the sensor regenerates itself. The device is therefore always ready to use.


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