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Berghof EasyH2O®


Precise and environmentally friendly


Chemical-free, selective water detection

The Berghof EasyH2O® delivers reproducible and exact results which correspond to those of a Karl Fischer titration. No special or toxic chemicals are required to operate it.



Knowledge for a cutting edge
Exact knowledge of material characteristics at an early stage amounts to protection from financial consequences owing to defective raw materials and products.
Knowledge of the quantity and bonding forms of the water, coupled with the awareness of the release temperature of unknown substances - or of those which have not yet been examined - leads to a cutting edge in terms of knowledge.
In Research and Development the EasyH2O® therefore makes an equally valuable contribution to assuring competitiveness as it does for quality control.


Water content and material characteristics
The water content of various materials frequently has a significant impact on the material characteristics. For example, the injection molding behavior of plastics, the stability of active pharmaceutical agents or simply the price of raw materials changes.


The distinction between free and bonded water
Evaporation of the water can be controlled via the programmable temperature profile up to 400?C. Slower heating rates - if necessary in steps at lower evaporation temperatures - facilitate discrimination of the different bonding forms of the water in the relevant sample. The software then enables the individual peaks to be evaluated and quantified.


Reliable results
The phosphorus pentoxide sensor is a standard method of detecting water in gases such as hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, argon and helium. This method was first described and standardized in 1987, in DIN 50450. The sensor principle is also applied to the determination of water in natural gas (ASTM D 5454 and ISO 11541:1997).


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