Lambda Advanced Technology

Laboratory Balances

Radwag laboratory balances are top-class weighing instruments, designed for the most advanced measuring processes in the laboratory. Sold in 152 countries, they are used in chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and jewellery industries, and wherever there is a need for precise mass measurement. Characterised by maximum precision in measurement, short stabilisation time and uncomplicated, intuitive operation, the Radwag range includes microbalances, ultra-microbalances, analytical balances and precision balances for a wide range of weighing requirements.
The microbalance and ultra-microbalance range can be found here.
We appreciate that there are many models available, so if you would like help with choosing the most suitable laboratory balance for your needs, contact the Lambda application experts.
Analytical balances are used to measure small sample mass in many different industries. RADWAG analytical balances provide the best weighing parameters, intuitive operation and a number of unique functions resulting from the SmartLAB philosophy - excellent repeatability and minimum weight parameters, internal adjustment, enlarged weighing chamber, mobile operation, the fastest stabilization time, easy cleaning and anti-static weighing chamber. With a maximum capacity from 52-520 g and a readability of 0.01-0.1 mg, there are a number of different ranges available to suit the particular application:

PROFESSIONAL BALANCES - intended for the most challenging applications

4Y.A PLUS - features: compliance with 21 CFR part 11, automatic levelling, antistatic ionizer integrated with the weighing chamber, automatic door opening

4Y PLUS - LevelSENSING system, manually door opening

4Y.F - LevelSENSING system, filter weighing

ADVANCED BALANCES - intended for most processes

X2 PLUS - LevelSENSING system

STANDARD BALANCES - intended for the most challenging applications

R2 PLUS - spacious weighing chamber

Precision balances stand out due to their wide range of load capacities, making them suitable for use in both laboratory and light industry applications. They have a maximum capacity from 0.2-120 kg and a readability of 0.001-2 g and are characterized by their reliability. There is a comprehensive range of precision balances to choose from:

WLY | PM4Y - professional balances with the maximum capacity of 1-120 kg and a range of standard and advanced functions, such as dosing, formulations, statistics/SQC, labelling. The readability for the 10 kg max capacity model is 0.1 g (WLY) and 0.01 g (PM4Y)

WLCX2 | PSX2 - balances with the maximum capacity of 0.2-21 kg and many standard and advanced functions such as dosing, formulations, statistics, density determination, cooperation with titrators. The readability for the 10 kg max capacity model is 0.1 g (WLCX2) and 0.01 g (PSX2)

PMC32 - a balance with a maximum capacity of 10-60 kg, with labelling and statistics functions and other frequently used features. The readability for the 10 kg model is 0.01 g

PSR2 | PSR1 - balances with density determination and other frequently used functions. The readability for the 10 kg models is 0.01 g

WLCC / 2 | WLC | WTC - balances with some features of more advanced models, such as ALIBI memory (WTC), parts counting, percent weighing, totalizing (WLC), under-pan weighing (WLC), peak hold and +/- control. The readability for the 3/6/10 kg max capacity models is 0.1 g