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Berghof Speedwave ENTRY

speedwave xpert

With the new microwave digestion device, Speedwave ENTRY is focusing on what's important: Easy handling, High level of safety during digestion, Low operating costs.


Productive, compact and robust

Thanks to its size, speedwave Entry is particularly well suited to flexible laboratory use. The combination of space-saving design and ease of use makes it particularly attractive for use in routine analysis, training or study.

Examples of use:
  • Agriculture
    • Grains, nutrients
  • Food and Feed
    • Beverages, animal products, fruit, dairy products, oils
  • Environment
    • Filters, soils, sediments, sludge, water, waste water
  • Medecine
    • Tissue, blood, hair


In modern analytics, tasks must be carried out quickly, easily and flawlessly. Especially in trace analysis, systematic errors can be reduced to a minimum with the help of modern microwave digestion devices.
First class digestion results with speedwave Entry
  • Avoid sample contamination through corrosion-resistant oven coating and gas collection system
  • High digestion quality and extremely low blank values thanks to vessels made of isostatically molded TFMTM-PTFE
  • Easy handling thanks to innovative vessel design and and QuickStart control
  • Constant sample temperature and digestion process results through the power control system in dependence on sample temperature
  • 20% faster cooling and therefore higher sample throughput through additional exhaust unit
  • Complete reaction control due to optical temperature measurement


Vessel type Volume Max. temp Working Pressure Multiple Arrangements
DAP-60K 60 ml 230 C 40 bar 10 per turntable
DAQ-10 10 ml 230 C 75 bar 24 per turntable


Speedwave DIRC - No reference vessels

The sample temperature in each individual vessel is detected directly and in real time.
This is possible because the vessels materials, such as TFMTM-PTFE and quartz, cannot absorb the radiation in the mid-infrared range. In addition, the infrared radiation emitted from the surface of the pressure vessels is filtered out. This allows the sample temperature to be controlled directly in each vessel.

  • Not influenced by microwave radiation.
  • All sensors and their cicuit lie outside of the microwave field.
  • Perfect chemical resistance of sensors in the oven chamber.
  • No sensors in the sample vessel. As a result, there is no risk of contamination for the samples and no risk of damage or wear and tear through frequent assembly and disassembly.

Loading and starting

Thanks to the QuickStart microwave control, the temperature programme only takes two steps to start. Users move intuitively through the easily understandable menu navigation. For increased convenience, the touch screen is coloured and contains various language options. From a pool of pre-installed applications including the latest DIN and EPA standards, the desired method can be selected quickly. In addition, further customisable methods can be loaded. All digestion data is available after digestion.

Fast Reaction Control

The advantage of microwave digestion systems is the rapid heating of the sample material. Depending on the chemical composition of the sample material, spontaneous reactions may occur. In order to prevent this effectively, quick reaction control is necessary. Based on the optical measurement of the temperature (DIRC), microwave performance can be controlled instantaneously. This makes safe reaction control possible.