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Ratio Beam Spectrophotometer


High quality entry level ratio beam UV Vis spectrophotometer complete with automatic 6 cell changer The U5100 is a compact, fully featured ratio beam UV Vis spectrophotometer. The on???board software includes Photometry, wavelength scanning and time scan options. The light source is a long life Xenon flash lamp. The system can also be run via a PC using the optional UV Solutions software.

ECOLOGY: Incorporates a Xenon flash lamp, which is an environmentally friendly, low-power consumption, long-life light source.

Adoption of a Xenon flash lamp
By adopting a long-lasting Xenon flash lamp, the product delivers a long life for its lamp, eliminating the need for periodic lamp replacement that was necessary in previous model.

Energy saving design
Through control of the Xenon flash lamp that emits pulses only during measurement, power consumption is reduced by 70% compared with previous model.

Reduced measurement time
The automatic switching of 6 cells by using an automatic 6-cell turret and a high-speed scanning (12,000 nm/min) deliver a substantial reduction in measurement time (approximately 60% reduction). The examples shown in the figure compare the amount of time required to measure 100 samples (5 wavelengths ?? 20 samples) with a previous model, based on biological analyses and quality control on food products.

EASY OPERATION: Performing at a Higher Level! The operation of the U-5100 is very easy, minimizing the operator training time.
The standard configuration of an automatic 6-cell turret makes performing measurements a breeze. As part of its standard configuration, the system is equipped with a 6-cell turret which accommodates up to six 10-mm rectangular cells. The system can measure a maximum of six calibration solutions and sample solutions, which reduces measurement time.

Optics Seya-Namioka mount monochromator, ratio beam
Wavelength range 190 to 1,100 nm
Spectral bandpass 5 nm
Light source Xenon (Xe) flash lamp
Display LED with backlight; 120 mm × 90 m, 320dot × 240dot
6 cell turret (Automatic) (Single cell holder is optional)
Size (main unit) 355 (W) × 425 (D) × 235 (H) mm
Weight (main unit) 13 kg
Power supply/Power consumption 100, 115, 220, 230 or 240 V, 50/60 Hz 60 VA