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LSS Boat solids sampling module for Lotix TOC analyser


Terra Tek, one of the largest providers of in-situ and laboratory geotechnical and chemical testing services in the UK site investigation sector, has recently added the LSS Boat solids sampling module to its Lotix TOC analyser at its Birmingham Laboratory.

The Lotix TOC analyser from Teledyne Leeman Labs was introduced into Terra Tek's well-equipped UKAS/Mcerts accredited chemistry testing laboratory in 2016 to provide the capability for accurate and reliable measurement of carbon down to the ppb level. The 30-position, conveyor style autosampler ensures rapid sample throughput for this busy lab which carries out analysis of contaminated land, leachates, waters and building materials (concrete, lime and cement).

David Bowen, Chemistry Supervisor at Terra Tek's Birmingham Laboratory, said: "We have been delighted with the performance of the Lotix analyser, and as we handle such a wide variety of samples including soils, sludges and sediments, it made sense to add the solids sampling accessory. Now we can measure the carbon content directly from these diverse matrices. The unit was installed with switching valves to allow us to easily switch between solid and liquid samples."



TOC Analysers        Elemental Analysers (N, S & Cl)

Combustion analysis is an extremely important analytical technique and we have just produced two new brochures which highlight the use of this technique for elemental analysis of Total Nitrogen, Sulphur and Chlorine and for TOC analysis.

The TSHR 6000 Series and 7000 Series of combustion elemental analysers from THSR International are used extensively in industrial, petrochemical and environmental applications. Capable of analysing Nitrogen and Sulphur in a wide range of solid, viscous, liquid, gas and LPG samples these versatile analysers meet the requirements of many internationally recognised test methods.
Download the new Combustion Analyser brochure

Teledyne Tekmar TOC combustion analysers are ideally suited for waste water, drinking and surface water, ground water, sea water, and other hard to oxidize matrices, with modules available for solids analysis and TN detection. For high purity water analysis in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, a UV/Persulphate analyser is also available.
Download the new TOC overview brochure



LAT sponsors 1st International Symposium on Hydrothermal Carbonisation

Queen Mary University of London, UK
3-4 April 2017


Lambda Advanced Technology (LAT) is a sponsor of the 1st International Symposium on Hydrothermal Carbonisation, which will focus on Possibilities and Limits for Feedstocks, Processes and Applications. The symposium will take place at Queen Mary University of London, UK, from 3-4 April 2017.

The Symposium will bring together scientists, engineers and technologists from across academia and industry to learn about and debate the latest advances in hydrothermal carbon. LAT will be on hand to provide details on the Berghof BR range of high pressure reactors. With quality and safety an integral part of the design concept, these reactors are constructed from high-quality materials and feature optional durable PTFE linings for corrosion protection. Modular configuration options meet a wide range of requirements.

The BR high pressure reactors can achieve a maximum pressure of 200 bar up to 300 °C in either SS316 TL or Hastelloy (150 bar for the BR-4000). 230 °C can be achieved using a SS316 Tl PTFE lining. Reaction volumes from 25mL to 4.7L are available. All systems feature an easy handling closure mechanism and multiple configurations.

The symposium programme is aimed at promoting collaborations and stimulating discussions. It will include a set of keynote lectures focused on different applications of hydrothermal carbon materials ranging from bioenergy to agriculture, and advanced materials for energy applications and catalysis.


New additions to the ICP and TOC ranges


We are delighted to announce the availability of the Prodigy Plus high dispersion ICP.
The Prodigy Plus brings together the latest in solid-state detector technology and Leeman Labs' advanced high dispersion Echelle spectrometer to provide the most powerful ICP available today.
Find out more here

The introduction of the LSS Boat module for the LOTIX TOC analyser even further extends the capabilities of the versatile Lotix TOC analyser.
Lotix can accurately measure carbon content in aqueous matrices down to the ppb level, however the addition of the LSS Boat module allows measurement of carbon content in a variety of solid matrices, including soils, sludges, sediments, particulate-laden liquids and hard-to-oxidize samples.
Find out more here

Exhibition Success & Congratulations!

We'd like to thank everyone who visited us on our stand at the recent Lab Innovations Show in Birmingham 2015.

We met with a wide variety of visitors who were interested in many of the instruments that we were showing. There was particular interest in the Prodigy ICP spectrometer with its Axial, Radial, and Dual-View configurations and advanced CMOS Array Detector, as well as the Speedwave Entry cost effective microwave digestion system.

The exhibition was very well attended in general and we were delighted to meet with more people than ever before on our stand. After the show we completed the draw for the iPad Air 2 and we'd like to congratulate Steve Langman at Terra Tek who was the lucky winner.

We've already booked to attend Lab Innovations in 2016 where we hope to welcome even more visitors!


LAT is delighted to be able to supply the novel TLDAµV® (transmitted light drop analyser) microvolume spectrophotometer from Drop Technology Ltd

  The TLDAµV® is an innovative, simple-to-use microvolume UV-visible microdrop spectrophotometer that is new to the market. With sample volumes as small as 1.0 µl, it can be used for a wide range of applications, from nucleic acids and protein quantification to any general UV-visible measurements.

More Details Here


PTFE components for reduced running costs

Berghof's expertise in PTFE manufacture means that the Digestec pressure digestors and speedwave microwave digestors feature vessels made from inert Isostatic moulded PTFE that can withstand the pressure without the use of other exotic microwave transparent materials . Isostatic PTFE digestion vessels have at least 3 years service life and frequently up to 5-7 years. 
They are also very robust and easy to use and have very few parts, usually consisting of the vessel, sealing lid and closing cap. This combination dramatically reduces the running cost of the units since the running costs in other systems arise from the need to replace vessel parts that can be attacked by acid vapours such as metallic parts, plastics, or delicate/tiny parts that can be easily broken, such as quartz vessels.

Free Acid Digestion Method Guide for solid sample preparation

Safe and effective digestion of solid samples is an important stage in sample preparation for analysis by techniques such as ICP-AES, ICP-MS, AAS or polarography. A free, 11 page guide to acid digestion, pressure digestion and microwave digestion methods is available from Lambda Advanced Technology. 
This informative guide has been prepared by specialists at Berghof Products + Instruments GmbH, a company with more than 30 years experience in the manufacture of digestion equipment and covers key areas such as:

  • Open and closed digestion
  • Pressure digestion in 'Tölg Bombs'
  • Pressure digestion with microwave heating
  • Accurate temperature measurement
  • Accurate pressure measurement
Berghof also specialise in the manufacture of PTFE components, which are key to the performance of these digestion systems

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