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Micro GC Gas Analyzers from Lambda

Gas chromatography (GC) is a powerful analytical technique that ??? until relatively recently ??? was confined to the carefully structured environs of laboratory settings. Rugged GC systems have been developed to support commercial and industrial gas analysis in-line, reducing the bottleneck associated with offsite testing. Samples no longer had to be packaged and transported to far-off facilities in order to be assessed. This also led to a significant drop in the time taken to acquire results.

Micro GC technology takes this accessible yet empowered form of gas analysis to new levels, delivering lab-quality results wherever you need it. At Lambda, we specialize in the supply of fully-transportable micro GC analyzers that can be employed on-site, delivering clear and rich data directly in the field. The benefits of this are unprecedented.

Here we will highlight a couple of Micro GC products that we supply, focussing on their benefits and specifications.

Inficon Micro GC Fusion® Gas Analyser

The Micro GC Fusion® from Inficon is a fully-portable GC gas analyzer that can be employed on laboratory or pilot plants benchtops as easily as it can be used out in the field. This makes it a powerful tool for an array of applications, from refinery gas analysis to mud logging and oil exploration.

With a lightweight housing, the Micro GC Fusion® is compact and easily transportable. This is combined with a simple user interface that enables non-specialist operators to perform rapid analysis runs. In fact, the Micro GC Fusion® gas analyzer can run full separations and analyses in as little as a minute, compared to around fifteen minutes with conventional GC systems.


The HAPSITE® ER is a unique micro GC product in that it is the only fully-portable GC analyzer with built-in mass spectrometric (MS) detection. With a mass range of approximately 41 ??? 300 atomic mass units (AMU) and a scan rate of 1000 AMU/second, the detector can acquire accurate mass spectral data down to the parts per trillion (ppt) range. This makes it the best micro GC system for sensitivity critical applications, such as toxic industrial chemical (TIC) analysis.

Additionally, the HAPSITE® ER Micro GC has integrated GPS records to enable exact geographical positioning for specific data points, which can make all the difference when carrying out chemical analysis in support of potential litigation.

Micro GC Solutions from Lambda

At Lambda, we not only supply the base systems for portable GC analysis, but also a range of accessories, sampling probes, and additional systems to help integrate your new micro GC product into your analytical testing line. Contact us today if you have any questions for the team.


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