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Introducing Portable GC-MS: Convenient, Rapid & Reliable

Empowering users with actionable insights in-the-field, portable gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) is one of the leading technologies in the analytical scientist???s toolset.

Portable GC-MS instruments compile the robust performance of benchtop systems into a compact and easy-to-use format. Operators can bring their instrument directly to points of interest where they can carry out fully-quantitative substance identification and gain access to data without delay. This is ideal for extreme or inaccessible locations, and in application areas where time is a precious resource.

At Lambda, we supply a choice of portable GC instruments designed for in-field analysis of volatile and semi-volatile substances. The only truly portable GC-MS kit, however, is the HAPSITE® ER. Convenient, rapid, and reliable, the HAPSITE® ER performs on multiple fronts to guarantee absolute confidence in your results.

Ease of Usability

Running complex separations to then acquire and analyze a full mass spectrum via mass spectrometry is a difficult process requiring extensive training. The HAPSITE® ER is designed to mitigate the need for expert users on-site and allow novice operators to gain detailed insights at the push of a button. The portable GC-MS system offers visual confirmation of collect probe placement to ensure optimal sample collection and ??? with a suite of pre-programmed methods ??? can provide high-quality data with limited user input.

Speed of Results

Portable GC-MS instruments allow you to bring the lab to your sample, cutting out the bottleneck of offsite testing and analysis. The HAPSITE® ER offers a level of power and precision comparable to lab-based GC-MS with a detection range of 41 ??? 300 atomic mass units (AMU) and a rapid scan rate approaching 1000 AMU/second. This translates to a spectral sensitivity on the parts per trillion (ppt) scale, providing full chemical analysis of samples down to the ultra-trace level. Analyses that used to take days, if not weeks, can now be carried out in a matter of minutes.

Reliability and Repeatability

The HAPSITE® ER is optimized for reliable performance in demanding application areas, hence its tough yet lightweight housing and bright graphical display. It can obtain rapid confirmatory results with complete reliability in extremely challenging environments, from industrial hot zones to sever biospheres. Weighing just 19 kg with a built-in 16 GB hard drive and rechargeable battery pack, the HAPSITE® ER portable GC-MS is engineered to withstand harsh working conditions to ensure the reliability of your results for every single analytical run.

At Lambda, we offer the HAPSITE® ER portable GC-MS with a range of accessories, consumables, and spare parts. If you would like to speak with a member of the team about purchasing supplementary components for your existing system, simply contact a member of the team today. We will also be happy to answer any requests for quotes too.


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