With three different models, our TOC analysers can accommodate a wide range of different applications including solid and liquid samples and TN analysis if required. Take a look at the Lotix, Torch and Fusion models and download your copy of our handy TOC Technique Comparison Guide to find out more about the options available and which method works best for different applications.

The Guide covers the following topics:

  • History of TOC
  • TOC Overview
  • Types of Oxidation Techniques
  • UV Persulfate
  • Flow Control Systems
  • NDIR
  • Other Detection Methods


The robust Lotix TOC analyser has been designed to provide accurate and reliable measurement of carbon down to the ppb level at a price point affordable for most laboratories. The new optional TN module allow simultaneous carbon and nitrogen analysis with real-time results. The LSS Boat Module even further enhances the versatility, allowing the measurement of carbon content in a variety of matrices, including soils, sludges, sediments, particulate-laden liquids and hard-to- oxidize samples.

The Torch TOC/TN analyser features a patented pressurized NDIR detector in combination with high temperature combustion to provide unprecedented detection levels of 50ppb to 30,000 ppm for carbon. The optional TN module allows simultaneous analysis for carbon and nitrogen with nitrogen detection levels of 50 ppb to 2,000 ppm.

The Fusion UV/Persulfate TOC analyser features a newly designed UV reaction chamber to provide improved release of carbon from even the most challenging matrixes. Also featuring the patented pressurized NDIR detector, Fusion is able to achieve unprecedented low-end sensitivity down to 0.2 ppb